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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 26, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. hurricane harvey making landfall as a massive category four storm, tearing into the state of texas, packing 130 mile an hour winds and torrential rain. this monster storm ripping apart buildings. the search is on this morning for anyone who may be trapped. harvey, now the most powerful storm to hit the continental u.s. in more than a decade. overnight the white house issuing a a clarification. thousands evacuated from harv harvey's path. >> this is going to be a very major disaster. >> the force of the storm lighting up utility lines, hundreds of thousands without power right now. the lone star state now bracing
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for catastrophic flooding, tornados and a massive surge from the biggest storm to hit texas in more than 50 years. our team is on the ground in the storm zone with the very latest. good morning, everyone. welcome to our continuing coverage of hurricane harvey. >> we have been trarking this storm all morning long and it has been a harrowing one for so many people. harvey is now a category one storm located 25 miles west of victoria but it blasted ashore near rockport, texas. an extremely powerful category four storm, with reports some buildings there have been heavily damaged. we're starting to see some of those images coming. this is the strongest storm to hit the united states in 13 years. >> it's not just the wind or the
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storm surge but the fact that this system, the storm system is going to stick around in this neck of the woods for days and days and days and dump inches and inches of rain, upwards of 40 inches in some spots. this is a look at the sea wall in galveston this morning. also an issue, as i was mentioned, predicted catastrophic and life-threatening flooding. as we said, some places could see 20 inches, 30 inches. near houston they're expecting 40 inches in some spots. to know top of this, the power has been knocked out for 300,000 people. >> we are live across the country on our abc stations, and we begin this morning with rob marciano in port lavaca, texas. rob has been bearing the brunt of the storm and now has incredible flood damage to show us. >> reporter: yeah, amy. the storm surge is just relentless here. the center of this storm
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bypasses to our south about six hours ago but still we've had gusts of hurricane strength winds this morning. white caps on the bay. the storm surge pressing against our hotel which really got some damage as far as the siding and roof tiles. we're not the only one of course. this whole situation escalated rapidly and hurricane harvey became a monster category four. last night the state of texas bearing the brunt of this storm. >> reporter: this morning, hurricane harvey hammering texas. winds tearing roofs off homes, littering streets with debris. overnight, harvey taking aim at texas, a monster making landfall with category four winds, extreme storm surge, and torrential rains. in rockport, catastrophic damage across the city. the ga lie agent storm destroying this hotel, tearing off the roof, the walls
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collapsing with the force of the wind, debris flying everywhere. >> harvey is no joke. >> reporter: at this local high school, a building completely wiped out. >> we are hearing that there are buildings down. we've got reports that we can't exactly confirm because we're unable to get people out on the street. it's a little too dangerous. >> reporter: extreme winds leveling this gas station. signs along the interstate ripped off and tossed to the ground. hurricane harvey came barrelling in, packing winds of 130 miles per hour, tearing apart these power lines. watch as they ignite, lighting up the neighborhood. >> oh! >> reporter: in our hotel, the staircase is flooded, the water still rising, making it impossible to walk around. the water is surrounding us. the storm surge has made us an island and you can hear the wind cranking up even more. in galveston county, this blazing house fire causing three
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homes to go up in flames. in fulton, ripping winds blasting through town, tearing off rooftops, leaving dozens of homes uninhabitable. texas officials with a dire warning, telling people who decided to ride out the storm to write there are names and social security numbers on their arms should they need to be identified. that's a sobering statement and action right there. certainly some folks tried to ride the storm out. here in port lavaca, the entire town that we could see did evacuate. i've never seen a town that evacuated because of this. it is so susceptible to storm surge. we've had 8 to 10 feet of it. this pool filled up with salt water and all sorts of debris. you see parts of this wall collapsing too. this is the only really substantial structure on high ground in port lavaca so it was a good place to ride out this storm, but authorities are not going to go out and really
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assess until these winds die down. so that's not going to be for a few hours, and even then there's going to be a lot of debris on the roadways for officials and first responders to see if everybody is okay in this county. so still have a long way to go today as hurricane harvey winds its way down. dan and amy. >> we want to tell our viewers that you and your team have covered many storms, you have plenty of experience and have taken many precautions to make sure you ride out the storm safely. speaking of riding out the storm, earlier we spoke to carl hatman to lives in rockport. that's the town that took a direct hit from harvey and where harvey came ashore overnight. he chose to ride out the storm with his family and he felt its fury. >> we're doing okay all things considered. everyone's healthy. that's the important part. everyone is a little bit concerned about our friends in town here because it's been tough to get news on how everyone's doing. ultimately everyone's a little
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shaken up by how much devastation there was. last night it was so dark. all you could hear was just wind howling all night. then you wake up and daybreak comes and it's hard to soak in what you're seeing outside right now. >> what are you seeing? >> well, i would say more than half the trees are down in front of the home where we are now, and there's not a single leaf left on any of those trees that are still standing. so it's just instead of, you know, this lush, green, beautiful place we live in, it looks like a war zone. there's a pier that was also here at this house, a big, long pier that's completely been destroyed by the surge last night and the waves and it's completely washed up on the lawn. i walked around outside this morning and there's jelly fish all over the lawn. just things that you just never think you would see except for
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unfortunately when you watch it happen to someone else. >> carl, i got to ask you and i suspect a lot of people are wondering the same thing, why did you decide to stay? >> that's a great question. well, we put a lot of thought into it. the home we're staying in is my parents' home actually. we live here in rockport as well, but my wife and kids and our pets, for us to leave we would have had to leave around take anything with us. we sat down and talked to my parents. their home is built to withstand up to a category three which it was projected to be lower than that when we initially decided to stay here. then we, you know, we actually got in the car and were ready to leave in the middle of the night the night before it hit, but we changed our minds because we had a plan. my folks do have a back-up generator which has been useful. it switches on whenever the power goes off so we're able to keep our phones charged. we're able to have comcomfort,
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conditioning for the kids and everyone is comfortable in that regard. also, like i said, the home is built to withstand the winds that we were receiving. when it did get broadcast as a category four, we really were nervous but unfortunately at that point it was too late to do anything. everyone made it through safe and we're definitely grateful for that. >> that was carl hatman who we are also glad he and his family are safe and doing well today. we want to turn now to one of our other intrepid reporters, abc's matt gutman has been in corpus christi all night and throughout the morning. give us the latest from there, matt. >> reporter: amy, last night this place seemed like it was about to get hit by the apocalypse. the wind was howling, the rain pouring down in massive sheets. we took a drive around town and what we saw is pretty much this stuff. there are downed traffic lights,
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downed trees, some siding is down, but mostly this city is intact. i just spoke to the city manager's office. they say that there are no injuries so far. there are some problems with roads being cut off. a lot of power lines are down. well over 200,000 people in this area without power. their concern is the concern for most people in texas right now and that is for the town of rockport, you just heard that resident talking about what happened there. there is grave concern about what they're going to find in the light of day there. i just want to give you a sense of why first responders couldn't get there that quickly. we all think, why don't they go rescue people overnight. this road is filled with debris. everywhere you look, there's stuff on the ground, metal shards like this, the kind of stuff that can really make rescuing hard work. now, it's not just the economic toll and we talk about the numbers a lot but it's also about the human toll. i got to speak with a wonderful woman named danielle weeks. she is due to give birth on tuesday right at the hospital down the street.
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she tried to evacuate. she lives in port aransas, but she couldn't because she has a c c-section due. she's staying at a hotel here and she had a very emotional interview with us. take a listen. >> does it make you nervous seeing what's going on outside your window? >> yes, very nervous. >> what about your home? we actually live in an r.v., so we unfortunately had to leave it on the island. we're pretty worried that we won't have a home to go back to. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: so sad to hear that story. making it even harder is that the weeks family just moved back here to texas a month ago from colorado. they obviously regret that decision and they have no idea what happened to their home. this city basically to use a cliche dodged a bullet, but there is one black mark and that
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is we met some officers and they are talking about people looting homes in this area. we'll keep an eye on that and if we hear anything more, we'll tell you. >> that is such a concern for so many people who are in shelters or who did evacuate, they don't know what's left behind at their homes. there is still so much more to come, ginger. i know you have your eye on houston and all that rain. >> yes. the power of water and then the power of stagnation, of a storm that is not going to move much at all for the next three to even five days. i want to start you out, we have a live look from ktrk, our affiliate there, to look at some damage. i know we've already seen from them several areas like a bayou that was overflowing. this is just some of the stuff that we're beginning to see. this is likely from that tornado damage, but we will find out more because there was a confirmed tornado on the southwest side. let's take you quickly to the radar where you can see the center now west of victoria. still 75 mile per hour winds. that's max sustained. you could see gusts above that.
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that outer band that's bringing that flash flooding, we put the lightning on so you can see how strong the storms are. those storms bringing houston copious amounts of rain and that will eventually be moving north and west but we were saying how slowly this is moving, only 6 miles per hour to the north/northwest. that's the problem, guys, because of the loop it makes and tries to come back over to the gulf. it will slowly make its way north and still be a storm hanging out in the exact same place in texas, and that's why we are talking about the potential for three feet of rain and why houston put out just in their south side they say we could see not only catastrophic but life threatening 40 inches possible. that was a new number that came in this morning and i think appropriate because we're already seeing it this morning, already seeing catastrophic flooding on some of those roadways and it will just keep going. >> a huge american city in peril
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this morning. ginger, thank you. earlier we spoke to fema administrator brock long. you may remember that fema took a pounding from a p.r. perspective for the way it handled hurricane katrina 12 years ago this tuesday. we began the interview by asking him whether the agency is, in fact, prepared for this storm. >> fema is vastly different from the days of katrina. we learned a lot from that event. congress passed meaningful legislation to allow us the ability to move forward. last night the president expedited the governor's major disaster declaration request and approved that. we've been in the state for over 48 hours ready to support our state and local partners. with that disaster declaration request we can move forward and bring the entire fire power of the federal government down to help our state and local government to meet their response and recovery goals. >> brock, you and i spoke yesterday when harvey was a category two storm. it made landfall as a category four storm.
7:15 am
it's catastrophic. it's not going anywhere any time soon. talk about what you were anticipating and what the actuality is and how you're going to get help to those who need it. >> unfortunately, the citizens of texas are about to endure a very long and deadly inland event. this system is -- this is just the beginning. we're going to see over the next 48 to 72 hours devastating rain fall. we realize that. the primary missions are going to be around search and rescue, swift water rescue. we're worried about mass care, long-term mass care, a sizable individual assistance and housing effort, as well as being able to mobilize life-saving and sustaining commodities. we're already prepositioning teams in an effort to support our state. the way emergency management works is all disasters begin and end at the local level. they decide the mission priorities. they work them up through the state, and our support is designed to help the states achieve those goals.
7:16 am
>> you're heading into a key few days and i got to ask, do you feel you have the resources you need? there's been some reporting that some top positions in your agency are not filled. do you feel you have what you need? >> i got what i need. despite the positions, the appointments, we're moving forward. i have great staff. as you can see behind me, i have a dedicated staff working around the clock and i have knowledgeable people with a lot of experience despite having those positions in place. we're moving forward. >> brock, what's your biggest challenge? >> the biggest challenge or the biggest concern i have right now is the isolation that many texas citizens are going to face. we have not built a true culture preparedness in this country and we have a lot of work to better prepare our citizens. unfortunately, what scares me or keeps me up at night right now is many of the citizens in texas are going to be isolated in their houses or their dwellings for multiple days. it's going to be a very sizable
7:17 am
mission to support citizens. with the weather event we can't just fly helicopters in. we can't get to people right now until the weather subsides because we can't put our own resources in danger. >> it is going to be a very long next several days. that was brock long, a fema administrator. we want to turn back now to rob marciano who's had a very long evening and now a very long morning. he's been monitoring the situation in port lavaca, texas. what's the latest, rob? >> reporter: tell you what, amy not nearly as long as the folks who live in this part of texas. they're going to have a long road ahead of them and certainly the ones that smartly evacuated, they had a long night and they're going to have a long cleanup once this water recedes but it hasn't done that yet. this is lavaca bay. on the other side of that bridge is matagorda bay. this bridge spans the water. we have not seen any traffic, private vehicle or official vehicle, so they're not going to
7:18 am
go out until these winds die down. the winds are still gusting over 50 miles per hour easily. you see them whipping across these waters, creating white caps and keeping the storm surge from receding. so that plus all the rain, we just got water everywhere and the wind is not letting up either. i certainly hope that things aren't nearly this bad
7:19 am
you already see the storm surge back here in port lavaca. that tree inundated with water. we've got 8 to 10 feet of it here. this has been fascinating. the winds are whipping so hard across this bay, they're taking the mist and carrying it down. it's almost like if you've ever skied down a hill and you have the wind that's taking the snow and driving it across the area, that's exactly what's happening here. streamers across lavaca bay, just some things i haven't seen in any other storm are happening in this storm, ginger. it's certainly a sight to behold, unfortunately, as a category four coming on shore last night, what a beast. >> and the longevity he hashashs seen. what's really important to note is there are many facets to this storm. already this morning just southwest of houston we have confirmed tornado damage, homes, at least 50 of them, have been damaged in some way in sienna
7:20 am
plantation or missouri city, texas. the fort bend county sheriff's office giving us those numbers. you can see the projectiles that made it through the back of that pick-up truck. i just got a report from houston that all three highways reporting high water. so now we're starting to talk about major highways that are going through a major city that are starting to see that water that you will not be able to pass. that's what we have. we have those high pressure systems. if you're watching in southern california you're saying, we're under an excessive heat watch. what's going on? because of that, because there's a ridge in the west and because these two are sandwiching like two people holding this thing hostage in the middle of the nation, right there along the texas coast. we thought it was interesting to put the computer models on. look at monday, 1:00 a.m. with the path they're on. houston just to the southwest still enduring neverending rain.
7:21 am
these periods of rain that are going to come through, we thought it would be good to see the track, the loop that comes around. you see into saturday, sunday, into monday, then it makes its turn, tuesday and wednesday back to the north and that's where we're seeing even more moisture. >> the fact that roads are already starting to go under water now is a huge concern for what's going to come. >> especially because when i was looking at this, i was worried about tonight through tomorrow. it's already happening now. >> yes, so we got to be worried about tonight, tomorrow, all the way through wednesday. >> correct. >> ginger, thank you very much. we'll be back with much more of our extended coverage of hurricane harvey all morning right here on abc. keep it here. you're lucky your backyard theis in the back.lize
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abc 7 mornings. >> all news. >> all morning. >> good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen from abc 7 news. a dramatic turn around for two controversial rallies originally planned for this weekend. the organizer of today's patriot prayer rally at san francisco's crissy field has canceled it citing safety concerns. the group will instead hold a press conference in alamo square this afternoon. and sunday's anti-marxist rally
7:28 am
in berkeley has also been canceled. the organizer is asking the public not to attend but says she will still be there and wants to go at it alone. meteorologist lisa argen has your bay area forecast. >> chris, temperatures will sizzle today with the spare the air alert. the fog is getting compressed, the numbers will warm today, 53 in the city. look at the fog at sfo, not much of t7 0s on the coast, over 100 degrees inland. chris. lisa, thank you. and thanks to you for joining us. the news continues right now with good morning america.
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came down i-10i-10i-10i-10i- sudden out of nowhere debris and everything came across. my partner called me in the morning about 6:00 and said the ho whole building was destroyed. >> my camper is on its side. i'm basically homeless. >> it's awful. it's our business. >> just some of the people who have survived hurricane harvey. now though in many ways begins the hard part, the cleanup. welcome back to our continuing coverage. harvey, a state of emergency, the storm battering the gulf coast in what is expected to be catastrophic and life threatening flooding. as we've been saying all morning, landfall in this case just the beginning. >> you're looking at galveston, texas where a flash flood warning is in effect. there are flash flood warnings
7:31 am
throughout the south of texas. they are going to be in place for days to come. >> there are going to be days of rain. over three feet expected in some places. let's get back to abc's rob marciano who is in port lavaca which got hit extremely hard overnight. rob, what are you seeing now? >> a storm that refuses to give up. it's still raining hard. the storm surge is still up. what a wide-reaching storm this is and one that escalated quickly from practically nothing in the beginning of this week to a monster category four of historic proportions. finally breaking that drought of major hurricanes not hitting the u.s. this one came in for sure, the center pretty far from us, quite honestly, at landfall and passing to our south six or seven hours ago and we're still dealing with this storm. the water should not be this high. that's the bridge that crosses
7:32 am
lavaca and matagorda bay. i haven't seen any cars crossing over that bridge. officials still waiting for winds to die down before they check out town and make sure that the folks that did stay back are okay and to assess what damage has happened here in port lavaca. there's been damage, you see it here at our hotel from the winds that pounded this hotel overnight and actually continue to do it this morning, guys. hurricane harvey still happening. back to you. >> rob, and we certainly can see that from those satellite images. so many people still experiencing the rain and rising flood waters. we want to turn to matt gutman who has been in corpus christi to see some of the damage. i know that, matt, you actually got out in a car and you were able to drive around very carefully to see what is left behind. >> reporter: that's right, amy. what a difference 80 miles makes. we're about 80 miles south of where rob is. spent about half-an-hour driving around. there's traffic, there are cars back on the roads here. mostly what city officials say and what we saw is there are downed trees, things like this,
7:33 am
some of them covering roadways. there are downed power lines, some aluminum siding, but no major structural damage to the buildings in this city. this was the largest city right near the path of the storm and it seemed to have dodged a category four bullet here. now, officials say there were no injury reported so far. still, they are warning that they're concerned there could be some sort of false sense of security here. the big threat continues to be water, rain, that precipitation forecast to continue to fall here. you guys mentioned earlier 22 inches of rain here in corpus christi and around. that could cause some serious flash floods and that's the biggest threat to lives here in corpus christi. amy, dan. >> corpus christi may have damaged a bullet overnight in the sense that it didn't get as hard hit as some feared but this rain issue is going to stick around as you said, matt. perhaps nowhere is this rain more serious than in the houston
7:34 am
area. >> that is exactly right. i think it's important to commend the national hurricane city, corpus christi is on the south end of the track, the northeast quadrant that would get the worst of the winds and the storm surge. now we're seeing some of the worst of the flash flooding happening in houston. this is texas beltway 8 at jfk boulevard. you can see the cars trying to make it through. they've had to shut down and see high water in parts of i-10, i-45 and i-69. you have katie, texas, southwest parts of houston and the flash flood warnings that have been stagnant in this place north and east of the eye because of those training thunderstorms that are going from galveston to houston now. that part of the rainfall is going to just meander and because of this path that doesn't move a lot, takes its turn over the san antonio bay and goes north all the
7:35 am
wednesday to thursday, this bull's eye is why we still have corpus christi and austin and san antonio still in a flash flood watch. just because you don't have the outer band now doesn't mean you don't get it six hours from now. doesn't mean you don't have it again tomorrow as this thing turns around. there's a lot more to come on this weather report brought to you by ben afill grain free. getting new information. outside of corpus christi so perhaps not where matt is but 14 inches that has come in and the river gauges, we've been showing you all morning but they've been spiking up to 39 feet near victoria in one of the rivers there and close to the south side of houston, we've seen 20-foot rises in very quick amounts of time. >> it's going to keep going up.
7:36 am
>> many of them not only going to be major but record flood stage. i saw 30-some gauges expected to be in major flood stage. >> we're about 13 hours into this thing and we're looking at days and days. thank you very much, ginger. much more on our coverage of hurricane harvey coming up right here on "gma." (dog) mmm. this new beneful grain free is so healthy... oh! farm-raised chicken! mmm...that's some really good chicken. i don't think i've ever tasted chicken like this. what!? here come the accents. blueberries and pumpkin. wow. that was my favorite bite so far. not even kidding. i mean that was... ...oh! spinach! mmm. that's like three super foods. pretty, uh, well...super. now i got kind of a pumpkin, chicken thing going on... ...whoop! time to wrestle. (avo) new beneful grain free. out with the grain, in with the farm-raised chicken. healthful. flavorful. beneful. insherwin-williams has completey one-coat coverage. and it's up to 65% more stain
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. welcome back to "gma." we're covering the breaking news. hurricane harvey state of emergency. as you can expect, power outages a huge problem right now. >> the bigger problem is that it may be like that for some extended period of time. abc's adrienne bankert joins us with more on that. >> the fact is it's too dangerous for crews to get out there in these kinds of winds. we've spoken with ercot, the company supplying electricity to most of texas. there are more than 300,000 people without power. we do get on the phone with the local utility company. they do have video from that
7:41 am
region which is completely without power. mike, thank you to you. you said there were mandatory evacuations for victoria county, but a lot of people have decided to ride it out because the freeways get so jammed heading north that people are just waiting and hoping that this passes over them safely. it may be another day before crews can safely get out there to examine those power lines and those circuits that are down right now. also, we've been told that in that region cell phone service is really, really spotty. in fact, some of it nonexistent for areas like goliad which we've seen a lot of damage there. for this particular utility company they service a lot of ranchers. some of those properties have back-up generators but other people are simply without power and really it is a strong storm. so 12 to 24 hours from now we should have a better indication as to what the power outages and the damage is like. >> thanks so much. let's get it over to houston now. we've been talking about houston all morning long.
7:42 am
it is the fourth largest city in this country and they are dealing with an enormous amount of rain and tornados and abc's victor oquendo is right there. victor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the outer bands of harvey continue pounding houston. the rain has been relentless and it's going to be here for a few daysme days. we're still under a flash flood warning. some of the major interstates dealing with flooding. people are being told to stay home and stay off the roads. we've been bringing you live pictures of the roadways here in houston which is under a tornado watch as well. tornados have been reported in nearby missouri city. in galveston they're dealing with strong storm surges there. coastal flooding could increase. at sea, there are about 20,000 passengers on board cruise ships that were supposed to arrive in galveston this weekend but they can't. the port is closed. the ships are being kept at a safe distance.
7:43 am
the houston area is embracing for rain. it's here, it's going to be here for a few more days. some spots could see as much as 40 inches of rain. dan, amy. >> heading into some tough days in houston. >> we appreciate the coverage and i'm sure we'll be talking about it throughout the rest of the day here and for several days to come. ginger says it may be as late as wednesday before they start to get some relief in the houston area. we'll be right back with much more of our team coverage of hurricane harvey. keep it here. at petsmart, we love all pets like this little guy, sam. he eats blue wilderness. it's protein-rich, grain-free and made with more meat to satisfy the wolf spirit that lives in every dog. right now, buy one select blue wilderness bag at petsmart and get 2 free cans or tubs. e ery dog still has a little wolf in them. and now, when you buy any bag of dog or cat food we give a meal to a pet in need. it's that simple. petsmart - for the love of pets.
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7:47 am
rockport fire chief, steve sims, who updated us on the condition of his city. >> we can't confirm anything right now. we're still under a pretty high wind. it's dark. we're unable to get out on the streets yet. we do know that we lost one of our smaller fire stations na th was unmanned. >> let me ask you this, because yes, the sun should rise there in about an hour. have you been receiving phone calls? tell us what your plan is when the sun does rise. >> as soon as the weather permits us, the winds get anywhere reasonable, we have been working on lists trying to prioritize the calls that we have waiting. what we feel like is, you know,
7:48 am
first priority. we have 22 firefighters here on standby so we'll be out on the ground. >> it is amazing that we can even communicate with you. i just want to emphasize this point. we're talking to you from a town that took a direct hit from a category four hurricane, the strongest storm to hit this country in 12 years. i understand that we are speaking to you on the only working phone line in rockport. every other phone line is down, which raises a lot of questions about the safety of those who remain behind. i know you told people they should leave. did that warning get heeded? >> not as much as we would have liked. we would have liked to have seen everybody leave, but we know they didn't, you know. yeah, we are totally down on all communications. how this one telephone is still working, maybe the lord is with us. >> chief sims, i know that you haven't been able to get out and survey the damage yet, but tell us what you heard, what you
7:49 am
felt, what you experienced throughout the night and what your fears are as you do head out later today. >> well, the eye of the hurricane, when it made landfall and got right here on us in rockport, we were hoping the building stayed together. it rattled, it shook, but we made it through it. as soon as daylight gets here, we're going to start surveying, you know, in close and then as the wind dies down, we'll start expanding out. >> they have a lot of work ahead of them as so many communities do in the texas area over the next few days. >> we're going to keep talking about it here this morning. we'll be right back with more of our team coverage of hurricane harvey. keep it here. my day starts well before i'm in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. i need to shave my a1c i'm always on call. an insulin that fits my schedule is key. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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welcome back to our coverage of hurricane harvey, state of emergency. >> we want to check back in with rob who's in port lavaca, texas. >> reporter: finally, deviguys, can say that the winds are starting at least to lay down here in port lavaca. the storm surge has receded just a little bit so encouraging news here. we've been waiting all morning with winds gusting at hurricane strength. now first responders and authorities can take a go and survey the damage here in port lavaca as this storm begins to wind down, at least phase one. now we get into the heavy rain that's going to hit all of texas and much of louisiana. dan, amy, ginger, quite a morning it's been for the folks in texas. it's going to continue to be quite a cleanup effort in the coming weeks, no doubt about that. >> rob, you did an incredible job reporting on just the very worst of conditions throughout that, but as rob points out, ginger, this is so far from over. >> right.
7:55 am
and we're going to be talking about this as we start our shows next week and so many folks in southeast texas, i thought it was interesting, we just saw this graphic come together from noaa, 48 hours ago, less than that, it was a tropical storm. then it becomes a category four landfalling hurricane. so harvey was quick moving. i was just telling both of you, this is a storm that we watched come off the coast of africa. harvey was in the western caribbean, came back to life and then did this. >> quick to develop but slow to leave. >> and it will not leave for days. i think that we're really going to see that inland flooding threat be the biggest thing. also this morning, anybody traveling from the west coast through houston, three and a half hour average delays, just to give you a little implication. travel-wise i don't think that's going to get a whole lot better. >> we're looking at days and days -- >> of a tropical storm. >> and upwards of 40 inches of rain. >> continuing advice, hunker down, stay put. don't think it's okay to drive. >> correct. >> ginger, yeoman's work this
7:56 am
morning. thank you very much. amy, great to have you here as well. thank you. and thank you, everybody, for joining us on this extremely busy news morning. stay tuned to we'll have full coverage throughout the day and we'll have a recap and the latest on "world news tonight." i'm chris nguyen from abc 7 news. today friends and family will honor an oakland firefighter who was shot and killed in an unprovoked attack. nine days ago jake walter was shot to death after attending a concert in san jose. one man has been arrested and charged with his murder. the memorial service will be held at 11:00 at the scottish
7:57 am
write center. a man of hollywood has announced plans to build a mixed use development in the east bay. wendell pearce hopes to build in the downtown main street corridor of richmond. details of the partnership are limited, but the property will include retail and housing which he believes will attract tech businesses to the city's core. happening today, a county-style fair in an unlikely place. facebook in menlo park has been transformed into a family friendly space. there will be live music, carnival i rides and games, even a et ping zoo. admission and parking are free, the event goes from 12:00 until 7:00 p.m. all proceeds will be donated to a local nonprofit. let's get a check of the bay area forecast. >> this is live doppler 7 we are looking at fog not only along the coast but reducing visibility in some areas. the fog less than a quarter of a
7:58 am
mile in petaluma and half-moon bay. as it does come press the numbers are warming, upper elevations some spots near 85 degrees, 2 degrees cooler along the coast. looking at temperatures right now ranging from the low 50s up in the north bay to the mid 60s in the brentwood. highs today, look at the heat building inland, it's going to be a prolonged heat wave which is going to last not only through the weekend but into next week. chris. lisa, thank you. up next, organizers of the patriot prayer plan to hold a press conference at alamo park. alamo square. but now the city says it's closing the area. what this means for rallies and
7:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:00 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. today is saturday, august 26. good morning and thanks so much for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. we are off to a mild and foggy start throughout part of lisa argen. lisa argen is tracking the radar. >> we have not only the fog but it is compressed. that means high pressure is building in and we're looking at rapidly warming temperatures for excessive heat inland today. low to mid 60s right now, mountain view and san jose we are in the low 50s from half-moon bay with a quarter mile visibility. look at the golden gate bridge, you can see the fog, mist and drizzle below,


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